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Staples Cause for Caring represents our commitment to serving others, whether they are employees recovering from unforeseen personal hardships or members of our local communities who can benefit from our support and expertise.

All current US employees of Staples, Inc. and its subsidiaries are welcome to apply here. All current Canadian-based employees of Staples, Inc. and its subsidiaries are welcome to apply here. Our employees and their wellbeing are extremely important to us, and that's why we do our very best to respond and fulfill grant requests promptly.

In addition to offering financial assistance to employees in need, beginning in 2023 Staples Cause for Caring, Inc. is also committed to extending our charitable giving to communities in which we operate, via partnerships with strategic non-profit organizations.

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Thanks to the donations collected over the years, $7,115,055 in grants have changed the lives of more than 5,537 employees since 2013.*

*Data is inclusive of Staples Share Fund, Inc. The Staples Share Fund, Inc. is an organization with the same charitable purpose as Staples Cause for Caring. As of 2020, Staples giving programs were reorganized and realigned into two entities to better assist employees. Staples Cause for Caring is specific to Staples, Inc. employees and their families while the Staples US Retail Share Fund is now dedicated to US Retail associates and their families.

As a family, we were overwhelmed with such a gift. It is definitely a reflection of the type of company he worked for at Staples.”

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